2 years later

I had originally written a post talking about my experience at Atlantic College, the good and the bad times, and how it has changed me as a person. But after saying goodbye to our all of my friends these past few days, I decided that I’d rather write about the amazing people that I have met during my 2 years here.

I have discovered countries that I didn’t even know existed before I came to AC. The people here all have unique stories that you can’t even imagine and we all have our own backgrounds that have shaped who we are. When tossing together 350 teenagers with these fantastic stories together, you get a melting pot that creates our school. I think I learned more from discussions with students than in the classroom because nothing can compare with direct experiences with the issues that we talk about in school.

To all the people I have met here, thank you for making my AC experience as wonderful as it was. Thank you for the memories of quote box moments, meetings after meetings trying to improve the school, our special walks, our bondings, our prayers, Christian Fellowship, and our deep discussions. I am going to miss you all more than words can describe and know that even if we are far apart, you will be part of my life forever.

Most people leaving high school are so excited to leave and move on with their lives that often the friendships start to fizzle out. At AC, we are so lucky to be in a place where it is almost impossible to say goodbye and know that your friends are going to be countries away from you next year. We are sad to leave this phase of our lives, but also know we have wonderful new opportunities before us. I’m excited to be going to the University of Virginia this fall with two other students from my school and have a different type of experience!

Though there have been moments where I have wanted to quit or felt it was too hard, I really am going to miss AC. I am never going to have an experience like this again and feel so blessed to have this opportunity.

As I said in my yearbook slip, “How lucky we are to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” – Winnie the Pooh