Third Term

Well it’s been quite a while since I posted, all the way since the beginning of term! So much has happened it is impossible to put it into one blog post. There have been conferences (Middle East and Challenge Camp), college applications, IA’s, EE, new students arriving, new friends made, and so much more. It has also been one of the busiest and most stressful times of my life, which is why this blog has taken a backseat compared to last year.

The main reason I wanted to post was because this week was Thanksgiving. Being away from your family is tough, and this year was much tougher than last for many reasons. I was lucky enough to have Thanksgiving twice, once on Thursday with the other Americans at AC and once on Saturday with some of my other friends. I really wanted to share this event with more people in the school because I think it is a lovely holiday focused on being thankful for everything we have. It’s also one event that is very distinctly American and since we get made fun of for “not having a culture” this could help prove people wrong 🙂

I cannot even begin to describe how amazing the dinner on Saturday was. It was a true UWC meal with noodles, an omelet, sweet potatoes, chocolate salami, turkey, broccoli, and so much more, made by 10 people with 10 different nationalities. We spent time talking about what we are thankful for and just enjoyed each others presence. It reminded me of why this school is the right place for me with some of the greatest people I will ever know. And to everyone that helped make Thanksgiving great, from just saying happy Thanksgiving in the halls to helping me cook, I am eternally grateful and will cherish these memories forever.

Third term at AC is quite a challenge. It has been a test of time management and there have been some really tough times for everyone here. While there are always going to be things that stress me out or cause me worry, this week has been one of reflection on my time here. I am so blessed to have this opportunity and I am thankful of the people who have stood by me, both here and back in the US. I know I am in the right place for me and can’t wait to see what 4th term has in store!

One thought on “Third Term

  1. Bless you for appreciating being right where you are supposed to be at this moment, struggles and all. 🙂 What a gift to be present and mindful right where you are. XOXO You are an amazing person, Kendall!! Clyde is loving asking, “What time is it where Bendall is right now?” Of course, he simply adds 6 hours to the time and figures it out, but cute that he’s asking… 😉 We love you!! XOXOXOXO

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