Second Year Begins

After a fantastic summer, I am back at Atlantic College for a second year! Time has flown by and it is so hard to believe that my time at AC is already halfway over. At AC, second years arrive the first week in August for something called August Period, where we bond with co-years, participate in faculty projects and trips, and work on all the homework we still have from this summer. The biggest of these homework assignments is the extended essay, which is 4000 words on the topic of your choice. I am looking at the way the 1980 Olympics have impacted the political relationship between the US and Russia. Work also includes college applications, US history, and internal assessments.

We have had some more fun than just working though! I have been doing a new service with the Social Justice Faculty with the Prince’s Trust organization. We are going to be doing a competitive analysis for them, looking at how they can improve their programs and how to reach more people. We have also been getting to know people in our year better; there have been lots of opportunities to bond with people that I didn’t know very well last year. 

As we prepare for our first years to come tomorrow, we have been struggling with how to accurately represent Atlantic College and how to give them a proper introduction to our community. It’s impossible to sum up the UWC experience in just a few words. Here, I have had some of the best memories of my life and some of the worst. While the great times outweigh the bad times, they all come together to make up the whole experience. So first years: come with an open mind. Be ready for challenges, hardships, and some of the best people you have ever met. Having no expectations and figuring out what AC is really about on your own is (in my opinion) the best way to go. We are very excited to meet you all!