Year One – Complete!

What a year it’s been! I cannot believe that I am halfway done with my time at AC, it feels like I just arrived yesterday, being greeted with pots and pans. It’s impossible to sum up Atlantic College in just a few words, but the old saying that the highs at AC are extremely high and the lows are extremely low rings very true. Though of course there were some bad times, what I will take away most from my first year there are the good times. The times spent with friends talking about anything and everything. The times spent trying to study and getting distracted by the tiniest things. The rare sunny times walking on the seafront, swimming in the ocean, or just sitting and enjoying our incredible view. I will forever treasure those memories and cannot wait to have the opportunity to make new memories next year.

I have quite a busy summer ahead of me! Currently, I am in London doing an internship at Virgin Unite, the non-profit foundation of the Virgin Group. I will return to Chapel Hill for just a few days at the end of June before heading off to the Bahamas to get some sun and relax with friends! Then back home for a few days before leaving to visit family in Chicago, a trip that is long overdue. Finally I will have about a week at home before I leave for Atlantic College again the first week of August. Oh and in the midst of all this I have to write my extended essay, countless internal assessments, online US history, and college applications. No rest for the weary! But I am very excited for all of it and am so lucky to have all these great opportunities.

3 thoughts on “Year One – Complete!

  1. Soo glad you are having this fabulous experience. Know it will forever change your life. Enjoy your internship as well as learn what it feels like to be part of the “corporate world”. Although maybe it’s different somewhat in the UK.
    Loved your FDN article and, as always, your blog. I’m with you…..

  2. Kendall, you are an amazing woman who is living life to the fullest! Our world needs exactly what you have to give! Love you…

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