Finals and The Queen

I was lucky enough to be able to go to Scotland last week for Easter break to visit relatives and study. I loved being able to see another part of the UK and had a lovely time touring around the country and visiting family. It was a nice break before the return to busy, stressful college life. This week is a very busy one at Atlantic College; it’s first year exams! These grades are going to play a large part in the grades we apply to college with, so it is a very important time here. Since Easter was so late this year, the break came right before exams, leaving many students studying instead of relaxing. I think I was able to find the perfect balance of both!

On a very exciting note, THE QUEEN IS COMING! The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are visiting Atlantic College next Wednesday. The school has been preparing for quite a while but they weren’t allowed to announce it officially for security reasons. I am not sure what the plans are for her visit other than a large school assembly and some students talking to her about different aspects of student life here. The official announcement was reported from the BBC here.

There is another wonderful project going on right now about the whole UWC movement. If you want to know more about the completely unique and amazing schools that make up the United World Colleges, watch this short trailer for a documentary that should be coming out soon. There are many familiar faces of my classmates at Atlantic College in it!

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