Second Term Begins

Well after a nice long break with family, second term has officially started at AC. We have been back for about a month now and it feels like we never left. Lots of new things happening this term, such as our TOK (Theory of Knowledge) lessons start, new activities, and new conferences. This first part of the term I am doing yoga and photography ab initio as my activities and enjoying both of them lots. I also have made the school’s basketball team! There are two girls including me and eight boys on the team, so a very different dynamic then I am used to, and all the teams we play against are boys teams. But I’m loving it and it’s nice to be playing sports again after more than a year off due to injuries.

Last week, we had a Model UN Conference as part of our Atlantic Diploma that we get upon graduation. We all were part of committees and were assigned countries to represent during the discussions. I was in the International Court of Justice, representing Serbia in a case against NATO for the legality of their use of force in Yugoslavia. It was very interesting and eventually we were ‘paid’ reparations for the damage. Overall it was a very cool conference and I enjoyed my first experience with Model UN.

This Friday, we had a very memorable speaker come to talk with us. Her name was Eva Clarke and she was born in a concentration camp three days before the end of World War II. She shared the story of her family, how her mother and father were imprisoned, how her mother became gave birth the first time and lost her son when he was just two months old, how her mother found out she was pregnant again after being separated from her father, and how she ended up being born in Mauthausen. The entire story was just so moving and her mother’s strength and optimism was inspiring. It was definitely a highlight of this first month back at AC this year. 

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