Reality Hits

Today is the day! At 6:15 tonight, my flight is scheduled to take off for London Heathrow Airport. These past couple weeks have been filled with wonderful memories made with friends and family. It was the perfect way to end my summer before my new adventure starts. Thank you all for helping make this transition much easier than it would have been!

I will arrive in London tomorrow morning around 7 and wait in the airport until the bus comes at 12. This will give me plenty of time to go through customs, get my bags, and meet the people I will be going to school with for the next two years! From London we will take a bus ride to Llantwit Major where the college is located. I am in Whitaker House with about 50 other girls and boys. In my dorm, I will have 3 roommates from all over the world. I don’t know who they are yet, which adds to the surprise! I am not completely sure what we are going to do during the 10 days before school starts on August 28th, but I will try to post again once I find out. I believe we are going on a little camping trip and get to hike down the Welsh coast. Internet might be spotty to begin with so bear with me if it takes a while. I can’t wait to start this adventure!

4 thoughts on “Reality Hits

  1. Wow! You are off on a wonderful adventure! Hope you have a safe flight and a great beginning of your year. We are so very proud of you. Love, Grannie Annie

  2. SO GLAD we got to skype this morning before you depart for Wales. Delighted you have Wales Tales to keep us up to date. You’ll be hugged nightly, in absentia, but your loving grandmother!! Safe and easy travels…..

  3. Well, heck…..already a “typo” on my communication with you 😦 Meant to say “by” your loving grandmother….not “but”. Oh well, know you’ll forgive that error, knowing there will be more forthcoming 🙂 XOXO

  4. Oh, Kendall – such an exciting time of life for you. We wish you an exciting and safe journey and can’t wait to hear the details. We love you! GranDune and Papo Jim

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