More Photos

The more I look at pictures of Atlantic College, the more like Hogwarts it seems!

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Joining Information and Visas

I am officially leaving NC for Wales in 66 days! We just booked flights from RDU to London Heathrow on August 17th. I will arrive at 6 in the morning and wait in the airport until the UWC bus comes around noon. I will get to know my way around Heathrow quite well! There is so much to do before I leave. Atlantic College just sent us a huge email with full joining information and lots of forms to sign. We got more information on what classes I can take, the rules that AC has, the extra-curriculars I can participate in, and so much more. Once I get back from camp in July we will start the visa process. From what we found on Google, it seems quite complicated… but so worth it! Llantwit Major, here I come!